Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailer pictures
2019 October, Tearjerkers Land of Lincoln chapter's "Tears Fall Gathering"
Geneseo Campground,
Geneseo, Illinois, October 10-13, 2019  Home

Are we are on the Level..? We eat often
Do all Teardroppers have this fun? We eat well  ;-)
Try not to sing out of key! conversation near the food
checking out the new guy's teardrop Wind, Rain and Cold
Chris and Mike Charles
Justin Mary Kay and Jay
Adrianne and Tim Karen and Kerry
Glenn B's teardrop left too early Steve
Nanette and Doug Marsha and Lester
Dan Eileen and Steve
Annaliese and Al Opal and Glenn
Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial, I-80, IL Built by bikers, October 13th meeting
Morris, IL Lions Club Car Show Lions swap meet, Sunday, Oct 13th